Corner of Yorkshire: The Rocket Post, Robin Hood’s Bay

On the cliff top just to the north of Robin Hood’s Bay sits what appears to be a ship’s crows nest. Closer investigation reveals it to be a replica of a Rocket Post, a remarkable means of rescuing seaman from their stricken vessels.

If a ship became shipwrecked a rocket carrying a rope would be fired from the rocket post to the ship, where it would be secured to the mast. A breeches buoy – a cork lifebuoy with a pair of canvas shorts (or breeches) hanging from them – would then be sent along the line and hauled back to the cliff top with a seaman inside.

This incredibly dangerous method of rescue was only pressed into service a handful of times but lives were recorded as being saved as recently as 1936. Rocket posts were once common along theNorth Yorkshirecoast but now this single replica remains.

Dave Lee

High res j-pegs here:


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