Corner of Yorkshire: Hornsea Mere

The largest freshwater lake in Yorkshire, Hornsea Mere covers 467 acres and is 2 miles long, but measures only 12 feet at its deepest point.

Due to this shallowness and consequent diversity of plant life, the Mere has been nominated a special protection area and is home to several species of rare birds and wildlife.

In summer Reed and Sedge Warblers can be seen and Great Crested Grebe’s nest and catch fish. Come winter, Bitterns and Water Rails are joined by Gadwall, Shoveler and Goldeneye ducks. Rare butterflies, moths, dragonflies, beetles and spiders are also found around the banks and three species of bat can be seen performing aeronautic displays on summer evenings.

The Mere is also home to the Hornsea sailing club and among its charming and seemingly ageless tourist attractions are rowing boats and a putting green. It is also popular with carp fishermen seeking to better the 27lb specimen caught in 1906 and subsequently stuffed and mounted in the lakeside café.

Dave Lee

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