Corner of Yorkshire: Khyber Pass, Hull

Even for a city as architecturally peculiar as Hull, the Khyber Pass in East Park is an inexplicable oddity.

To honour the capture by the British Army of the better known Khyber Pass in Afghanistan, Hull gardener Edward Peak oversaw the construction of a pile of rocks in the shape of a pass. Little detail is known about this folly except that the bizarre memorial was constructed between 1885 and 1888, probably by the local unemployed.

The rocks used were appropriated from a nearby derelict mansion and the bridge which straddled the canyon was reconstructed by a heritage lottery grant many decades after it collapsed. For no apparent reason, a waterfall-like water feature was also added.

The structure is the largest artificial rock work in a public park in the country and has been much beloved by generations of park visitors, even if none of them quite know what it all means.

Dave Lee

High res j-pegs here:


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