Corner of Yorkshire: Howden Minster

Though Howden Minster is still very much a working church, many people viewing it from the town’s market place would have every reason to believe that it is simply a ruin.

There has been a church on the site since Saxon times but building work on the current ‘Minster church of St. Peter and St. Paul’, as it is properly called, actually started in 1228.

It was rebuilt and extended for the next 150 years or so before the Dissolution of Collegiate Churches and Chantries in 1548 saw the eastern choir and chancel fall into gradual disrepair.

The roof of the choir collapsed in 1696 and the chancel roof followed in 1750. The remains of both are now in the keep of English Heritage and it’s these impressive ruins that attract casual visitors rather than the magnificent working minster they partially hide from view.

Dave Lee

High res j-pegs here:


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