Corner of Yorkshire: The Bank Top Kilns, Rosedale

It’s hard to imagine that the peaceful hillsides of beautiful Rosedale were once a fearsome hive of industrial activity, but between 1856 and 1926 ironstone mining transformed much of the area into the ‘Yorkshire Klondike’.

Ironstone found in the hillside was mined and processed on Bank Top before being transported via a dedicated tramway and railway line to County Durham and Teeside.

The main remains of this industry are the shells of the brick-built kilns in which the ironstone was ‘roasted’, a process (technically called calcination) designed to remove impurities and reduce weight prior to removal to blast furnaces.

Elsewhere in the dale can be found the ruins of other kilns, coal bunkers and a workshop but it’s these kilns that offer the most vivid picture of a long-abandoned and incongruous industry.

Dave Lee

High res j-pegs here:


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