Corner of Yorkshire: The Ferriby Boats

In 1937, teenage brothers Ted and Christopher Wright from North Ferriby found the remains of a boat on the banks of the River Humber. Shifting tidal patterns in the river had resulted in increased erosion on the shore and the brothers had been watching out for treasure for a decade.

The boat was later to be excavated by archaeologists and dated to almost 2,000 years BC. Two further boats were also found by the brothers in 1940 and 1963 and they are the oldest sailing vessels of their type to ever be found. Tools also discovered at the site indicate that there may have been an ancient boat yard at the site to which sailors from all over Europe travelled.

The boats were constructed from oak and yew and one is on display in a Hull museum. The discovery site is now commemorated by a boat-shaped memorial.

Dave Lee

Pics are here:


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