Pub review – Hop & Vine, Hull

This week’s Yorkshire Post Pub of the Week review.

The Hop and Vine, Hull













Pub of the week – Hop & Vine, Hull

Wondering what Hull’s best kept secret is? Wonder no more.

The Hop & Vine was established six years ago by real ale aficionado Stewart Campbell and partner Janet Rowan and, despite being in a hard-to-spot cellar in an unfavoured part of the city centre, is a sublime haven for any fans of local beer, honest food, good music and friendly company.

It might not be the most handsome pub you’ve ever been in (it was converted on a small budget from a bistro) and it’s certainly not the biggest (35 people is the maximum capacity) but it has everything else you need from a great boozer. There is a tempting choice of micro-brewed Yorkshire ales; when one runs out they stick the pump clip on the wall and simply hook up a barrel of something different from the skilfully-curated cellar.

The pub co-won Cider Pub of the Year in 2010 and this is reflected in the offering of superb regional and national ciders, perrys and scrumpies. Don’t ask for a Magners in here or you may well be shown the door. There are also carefully selected imported bottled beers and some rare international drafts. It’s really is impossible to order a duff drink.

The management are strong believers in the link between brewing and bread making. Up to 5 different types of bread are fresh-baked everyday and used to make wonderfully tasty sandwiches and Paninis. There is also proper homemade soup, surprisingly hearty salads and an irresistible cider sorbet on offer. The menu boasts that it is simply a guide; if you want something that’s not on there, just ask.

Prices for the beers and the food are remarkably reasonable and the provenance of everything on offer is readily and enthusiastically outlined on request. The pub is to be found on Albion Streetand opens Tuesday 4 – 11 and 11 – 11 from Wednesday to Saturday. Try it – it may well become the place you recommend to friends when they visit Hull.

Welcome                   4

Drinks selection       5

Atmosphere              4

Food                           5

Prices                         5


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