Pub of the week – The Fauconberg Arms, Coxwold

Yorkshire Post Pub of the Week for 25/2/12

Fauconberg Arms Pub of the Week

The Fauconberg Arms, Coxwold

After you’ve had a hard day exploring the Howardian Hills what you want is a country pub with local beer, comfy seats and a roaring fire. If you’re anywhere near the pretty village of Coxwold then the Fauconberg Arms is almost certainly your best bet.

The pub has been serving the local community since before Tristram Shandy was a mere twinkle in the imagination of the village’s most famous resident, author Laurence Sterne. It’s a handsome stone-built, oak beam-lined, wood stove-heated inn with a large bar, a lounge for dining, 3 regularly updated guest Yorkshire ales and a delicious cider brewed just up the road. Other, non-local drinks are also available but, honestly, who cares about them?

The food is superb. There are hearty, tasty soups and sandwiches for a quick bite and well designed and delivered mains featuring many locally-sourced ingredients. Slow roasted duck, rack of Ripon lamb and (bit of a surprise, this one) Kefalonian chicken are all recommended. The latter is apparently replicated from a recipe discovered in a restaurant in Greece and is a belter.

Fauconberg Arms CoxwoldThe pub also features regular theatrical productions staged by the Fauconberg Arms Real Theatre Society – I’ll leave you to work out the acronym.

Six members of the Rheinberg family run the pub, as they have done for the past 5 years, and there is a real sense of familial friendliness behind the bar. It’s would be easy to let a pub like this become a starchy place that panders to the better to-do visitors to the detriment of the feelings of the regulars, but the Rheinbergs have not allowed it to happen. So, while the service is efficient and the standards high the pub maintains the feel of a local-done-good rather than a tourist trap.

The Fauconberg is the kind of place that effortlessly brings comfort to the weary traveller. The only problem is that when you’re sat in the bar, with a pint of best and the sun streaming through the windows it really is very hard to peel yourself from your seat to continue your journey.



Coxwold, North Yorkshire, YO61 4AD
01347 868214

Welcome 4
Drinks selection 4
Atmosphere 4
Food 5
Prices 3

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