Swear Down by Russ Litten – Trailer

A short trailer I made for Russ Litten’s new novel.


Swear DownSwear Down is the second novel from acclaimed writer Russ Litten. It is released by Tindal Street Press on April 4 2013.

A young gang leader is found stabbed on a Hackney estate – but two people confess to the murder. Ndekwe, an ambitious, newly promoted Detective Sergeant within a subtly racist police force, believes the more obvious of the two confessions: from McKenzie, a teenager from the estate with a police record of juvenile crime. But why does Jack Shepherdson – an ex-merchant seaman in his sixties – come forward with his own confession? Is he covering for McKenzie, his colleague in the bar they worked at? Or is there more truth in his statement than Ndekwe at first believes? As we listen, with Ndekwe, to their stories – to the lives of the segregated and unheard – a heartbreaking and suspenseful story emerges.

“Gritty, big-hearted and most of all, true. A stunning, unputdownable read” — Jenn Ashworth

“A gripping, magnificently paced book that takes lessons from Richard Price and Elmore Leonard. It is superb.” — Niall Griffiths

“Convincing and compelling. This is not a crime novel, this is real life.” Jake Arnott.

Amazon : http://amzn.to/XztH7o

Tindal Street Press : http://www.tindalstreet.co.uk

ISBN-10: 1906994412
ISBN-13: 978-1906994419


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